Welcome to Shift.

Shift began as a way to show how to do things better. Where to go to make better decisions to consume consciously, which makers and brands to support with your voting dollar, and how to make simple changes in your own life.

It's a look at my own continued journey as I share how I've made small shifts to lighten my impact.

Shift is a moving word. It's transition and evolution.

Hi, I'm Ash.

I'm a professional communicator by day, striving to live lightly. I'm working towards the day sustainability and conscious choices aren't a thing - it's just it.

I am constantly inspired by people I meet who are making by hand, learning about their supply chains and giving a damn about the lifecycle of their creations.

I do partnerships with The Finders Keepers independent Australian design market, I co-host SEO & PR for Small Business workshops with my sister, and I freelance in communications.

I have a dog named Apple, I'm a keen traveller and an indoor greenery enthusiast.

The stats

  • 6,000+ average monthly page views 
  • International audience: top visitors from USA, Australia, France, Russia, Germany, UK and Canada.
  • 4000+ social media audience 

email:          shiftdesignblog {at} gmail.com
instagram:  @shift_style | @ashstall
facebook:    @shiftstyle 

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