A new kind of sexy: NICO Underwear

If anyone’s truly embraced what I'm coining the shift it’s Lis, founder of Brisbane-based underwear label NICO.

With a background in fashion photography, Lis launched her brand in 2011 as purely an alternative to super-lacy-over-the-top-sexy and just plain, boring underwear.

"NICO was started to fill that gap and offer something that was style-driven and well cut while still being beautiful and comfortable to wear. I suppose it's like a different kind of sexy!" NICO founder Lis says.

NICO's James Street Brisbane pop-up store
But now Lis says she wouldn't consider operating a business that wasn't based on ethical practices.

“Despite the fact that I didn’t start NICO with that objective in mind it’s become a really big part of the brand.

"I really just wanted a brand with beautiful fashion pieces but doing things ethically and sustainably is really the only way I’m comfortable doing business.

NICO triangle bra made with Modal
“I think when you’re working on any business you need to have really clear ideas about how you’re going to operate and that becomes the guiding principles in all your decision making.

“We’ve resolved that ethics and environmental sustainability will be factors in all our decision making.

"While that can limit our options sometimes which can be challenging, if we did it any other way we just wouldn’t be NICO!”

All NICO pieces are made locally in Brisbane, and their latest The Basics range uses the beautifully soft, sustainable fabric Modal. Other pieces use organic cotton and bamboo.
So what’s next for NICO?
“Lots more beautiful underwear and also branching out further into everyday basics too!”

You can visit NICO at their pop-up store, 46 James Street in Brisbane until August 20 or shop online anytime.

You won’t look back!

-  Ash

Lis, founder of Brisbane-based underwear label NICO.


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