Brick + Mortar Creative

The entrance to Brick + Mortar Creative in Norwood, Adelaide.
I love the idea of a creative hub. Bringing together talented makers and artists means there is sure to be some delicious outputs! Throw in sustainable design, hand-making and organic sellers and it’s a recipe for success in my book.

That’s why I was so excited to hear about Brick + Mortar Creative in Adelaide, a hub of pop-up ‘capsule stores’, collaboration and workshop spaces and walls dedicated to rotating art exhibitions.

I sat down with Brick + Mortar’s co-founder Elizabeth Donaldson to see how the new concept was going since opening in May this year – and it’s all positive so far!

“It’s been amazing watching people come through this space. I think people feel very invigorated by what we’ve built and then they are really encouraged by having the permission to engage freely with creativity,” Brick + Mortar director Elizabeth Donaldson says.

The beautiful staircase with wares from Austin Bloom and A.nouk.

Brick + Mortar Creative was envisioned to fill a gap for creative entrepreneurs wanting to take the next step and have a space other than their home office to work and sell from. Elizabeth says the concept is based on rewarding entrepreneurship, and making that creative business dive a little less daunting.

“For creative entrepreneurs who have designed their product or their service, to make that step to having something they’d like to make a living from is really daunting,” Elizabeth says.

The capsule stores are made from re-purposed shipping boxes.
“You need business skills, and you most likely need to take on a five year commercial lease often somewhere where there’s no foot traffic or the space is too big for your stock.

“I thought it was kind of crazy there’s nothing there before you get to the next step. The idea was to reduce the risk and create a destination where you could be assured of a good location, with other reasons for people coming in.”

And those reasons are definitely bringing people in. They have set up a great little cafĂ© within the space (excellent coffee!), a cute-as-pie kids’ space, as well as weekly workshops open to everyone, from chalk board lettering and gnocchi making to weaving and mindful business.

Aside from the handmade, small-scale production elements, I was super impressed by the sustainable choices throughout – all the wood comprising the capsule stores are re-purposed ply shipping boxes made beautiful. 

Fleeci's wares made from recycled plastic bottles!
Creative store Fleeci makes adorable toys and artwork using materials made from recycled plastic bottles, and Nzuri Organics offers a lush organic skincare range.

From my visit I can see there’s no doubt Adelaide is calling out for spaces like these. 

You can check out the full list of creative stores on the Brick + Mortar website or visit them at 
49 George St, Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia. 

I'm looking forward to visiting again soon to see the next wave of creatives take up shop.

-  Ash
Little Sister Co by Doris Cheng.

Brick + Mortar featuring Plant Cultuur by A.nouk and Austin Bloom.


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