New kid on the block: Hazel Label

Hazel Label's debut Naissance Capsule Collection 2015. Image Hazel Label
I'm excited to welcome a brand new Aussie ethical fashion label, launched just this year!

Hazel Label is the childhood dream of designer and founder Victoria Halkeas, and I must say I'm a little besotted with her first timeless, feminine collection.

"I've always particularly admired fashion that is timeless in style, high quality and ethically made in Australia - all of which are not easy to find in one label! So I knew I had to include those as some of the main features of Hazel Label," founder Victoria Halkeas says.

Victoria studied fashion at The Fashion Institute in 2011 and has worked in the fashion industry for many years.

Hazel Label's debut collection.

It's not surprising a love of fashion drew Victoria to her career, but she knew from the outset she had to do things differently to the bulk of the industry.

"I recently visited China and witnessed unethical and unsustainable practices in production firsthand," Victoria says. 

"The inequality was undeniable, yet we so easily turn a blind eye to it. I hope to see the day that people equate buying clothes produced in this way with a stigma similar to the one around buying caged eggs, where people are educated enough about the issue that they cannot consciously support the process of producing garments in these conditions."

Hoorah! What a great way to explain what we hope to see for the fashion industry in Australia and the world over.

"Fair and ethical wages and working conditions is one of Hazel Label's main production priorities. We are very careful with who we use to manufacture our garments in Australia.

"We also adhere to a strict zero waste production process, carefully calculating quantities and employing skilled fabric cutters and leather manufacturers to ensure maximum yield from each fabric. 

Hazel Label's Naissance Capsule Collection campaign 2015. Image Hazel Label

"Any small unusable pieces are then either made into accessories such as clutches or sent to charities and sheltered workshops to be responsibly recycled."

I always have to ask the question about the challenges of producing ethically - so I can understand why so many others simply don't!

"Unsurprisingly, making and purchasing everything in Australia and ensuring all aspects are sustainable and ethical leads to a considerably higher production cost," Victoria explains.

Hazel Label's Vivienne Dress. Image @hazellabel featuring
jewellery by @nicolefendel
"This is a great challenge to businesses like mine and makes producing overseas and letting go of our values very tempting.

"However, being part of the movement of responsible fashion and having a collection I can be proud of and believe in is well worth it."

I predict big things for this gorgeous new label. What's not to love?!

So what's on the horizon for Hazel Label?

"Our goal at Hazel Label is to reach out to fashion-conscious yet mindful ladies out there who value these ethical and sustainable principles," Victoria says.

"Hazel plans to produce multiple capsule collections throughout the year with limited quantities, making each piece unique and only worn by few. To build on this idea, we also plan to introduce gorgeous exclusive prints from the next collection onward. Safe to say, exciting things to come!"

-  Ash

All images from Naissance Capsule Collection 2015 campaign:
Photography: Simon Everiss
Photography Assistance: Steve Savage
Hair & Makeup: Sylwia Lukosz
Models: Jessica Ridolfi (Chadwicks) and Rhyme Lara (Culture Machine)
Styling: Victoria Halkeas


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