Not all art is created equal: Lambie & Co.

Lambie & Co's 'Hydrangea' print as part of the 'botanica' range. 
When I first saw the graphic art prints by Annabelle Crow, aka Lambie & Co, I loved their beautiful simplicity and the homely association of Australian native flora that anchors Annabelle’s art.

So began months-long plans to catch up with Annabelle, a recent landscape architecture grad, to hear more about her approach to art and future plans for her gorgeous sustainable business Lambie & Co.

'Gardenia' print on display at The Showroom, Brisbane.
All prints use 100% recycled Australian paper
and locally sourced wood for the frames. 
Lambie & Co began more than 2-and-a-half years ago when Annabelle had a short stint living in Italy.

“I was living on my own in a small apartment and I didn’t know the language, so I had a lot of spare time and decided to teach myself graphic design. That’s how Lambie & Co was born,” Annabelle says.

Sustainable design was at the heart of Lambie & Co from the beginning – and it’s more than just Annabelle’s commitment to using 100% recycled Australian paper and locally sourced wood for the frames.

“I don’t think I see sustainability necessarily as other people see it. My focus is on showing people the beauty in nature to make them appreciate it so they want to preserve it."

“I’d call it social sustainability – trying to change people’s
attitudes towards nature."

'Magnolia' print with 10% of sales going to
the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
"It’s a lot about the way you were brought up, I think.

“The hard part is a lot of people just don’t care. Where I’d see what I do as setting me apart from others, people still don’t really notice the sustainable elements, or it doesn’t affect their choices.”

There was no alternative for Annabelle when starting her business with sustainability in mind and practice.

“It’s just part of who I am, I wouldn’t have done it a different way.”

“I’m a very tactile person, I like to use my hands a lot so I searched for the recycled paper I wanted to use. I source the wood locally for the frames, and I make them myself when I can too.”

Check out her gorgeous handmade Tasmanian Oak frame on the windowsill of The Showroom in Brisbane, right.

Now that she’s finished her landscape architecture degree, Annabelle has big plans to combine Lambie & Co's artwork with the greening of interiors and retail spaces.

“I want to challenge the concept of being outdoors, by bringing the outdoors in. Having greenery in a space definitely draws people in.”

Look out for Annabelle’s green thumb on the Gold Coast soon. In the meantime, browse her prints online or check them out at
The Showroom, 104 Edward Street, Brisbane.

Thank you to Team Showroom for allowing Annabelle and I to play stylists and photographers in their beautiful space in Brisbane.

The 'Fig Pattern' print is part of the sustainable range.
It aims to promote eating food straight from the garden rather than packaged or processed foods.
'Three Piney' print
'Silver Dollar' print


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