YCL Jewels: minimal, modern, mindful.

YCL Jewels in their treasure boxes.
Each YCL piece comes with a handpicked crystal tumble stone. Image: @ycljewels
YCL Jewels speak for themselves. A tribute to a simpler way of life, their minimalist designs are timeless, season-less and designed from the heart.

Founder Fabienne is self-taught, and having only operated for just over two years, the pieces are now worn by the likes of Delta Goodrem, Margaret Zhang and Jennifer Hawkins - and Fabienne is now facing very real supply and demand challenges.

Not a bad problem for a young, small business to have!

It's the ethos driven by Fabienne behind the brand that makes their pieces that much more beautiful. 

"YCL 100 percent embraces my ethos and values," Fabienne says. "I would not have the brand any other way. 

"I do not believe YCL’s existence should exploit animals or harm the planet. This is why we use zero animal by-products within our designs and packaging, and we keep our packaging to a minimum."

YCL's Crystal Cave Necklace. Image: @ycljewels
YCL has been approached by various manufacturing companies in China - companies that could take Fabienne's designs and mass-produce them at a fraction of the cost. But this approach isn't an option for Fabienne.

"It would definitely help the supply and demand challenges we’re currently facing," Fabienne admits.

"However this is not the path I wish for YCL. 

"Our mission is that each piece holds intention and meaning, so when our women put their YCL treasures on, they feel empowered and inspired, either by the way the piece has been designed with sacred geometry properties, the crystal's metaphysical energy, or because each piece is made with love.

"Jewellery, for me, is a healing modality and this has been my mission with YCL from the beginning: to create higher-end jewellery that heals."

With that approach to business growth, Fabienne plans to personally trek through India in January to source ethical and fair-trade manufacturing for YCL's designs.

"2015 has seen me open up more in trusting my intuition, following my heart (rather than my head) and my ability as a designer, and also understanding what our beautiful women are calling for, as at the end of the day our YCL community inspires me more than anything," Fabienne says.

I'm looking forward to watching this mindful brand continue to grow and hopefully inspire other jewellers with their approach along the way.

-  Ash.

YCL Waterfall of the Heart Necklace. Image: YCL

YCL Jewels, beautifully layered. Image: YCL


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