Shift makes the Good On You ethical fashion Insta list!

I couldn't resist posting some great news I received today.

The organisation behind my favourite new app, Good On You, has included Shift in their list of favourite ethical fashion Instagram accounts of 2015 - and I'm thrilled!

Good On You provide ratings on fashion brands to help shoppers become more savvy when it comes to making ethical and sustainable choices.

I thought I'd share the list with you, to spread the love for Good On You and these wonderful Instagrammers doing great things for "the shift".

Good On You - 9 Ethical Instagrammers We Love

Each year Fashion Revolution encourages you to ask the brands you love, "Who made my clothes?"
Fashion Revolution Australia and New Zealand

Undress Runways

Do these guys need any introduction? My favourite sustainable and ethical fashion runway, this killer young team inspired my love of sustainable fashion.
The Undress Runways team after the Brisbane show this year.

Trash is for Tossers

Best (and beautiful) tips for a zero waste lifestyle.
Lauren, founder of Trash Is For Tossers.

Green With Me

Sustainable living - these guys are committed to sharing how you can reduce your footprint while enjoying more of the good stuff.
Green With Me - image via @aboutthatfood


Clean Cut is an industry body that supports the Australian fashion industry in implementing sustainable and ethical practices into their existing business models.
Clean Cut Fashion - Pinafore Top by Bhalo


Jennifer Nini runs this eco fashion and sustainable lifestyle online hub that raises awareness of the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry.
Eco Warrior Princess founder Jennifer Nini.

This awesome agency helps ethical brands to tell their story through Australia's top influencers.
The Helm Fashion Agency - image via @gingerandsmart


Katie is an environmental scientist who used to work in the fashion industry. She now encourages people to live simply and sustainably.
Katie of Sustainability in Style donning her LBD for all of @dressember


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