Ode to Sunday.

Ode to Sunday - a clothing label dedicated to slowing down.
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Whether your Sunday is just beginning or it's closing again for another week, no matter where we are in the world Sundays are a treasured day.

There's something about Sundays that's like no other day - maybe it's sleeping in, no errands to run, family dinner or just taking time to do the things we love to do.

That's what Ode to Sunday is all about, "the desire to slow down," says co-founder Vaida.

Independent and responsibly-made, Ode to Sunday is a clothing line made for all those little moments we cherish most.

"We want these clothes to be worn as much at the dinner table as when you're outside in nature with a good book or just meeting friends at your favourite cafe," Ode to Sunday co-owner Vaida says.

Cherishing moments that matter the most - this is Ode's mission.
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"I understood that it's the small, beautiful moments that I cherish the most in life, and they can go unnoticed if you're always in a hurry."

"When you live like that yourself, you want to inspire others to do the same. Following this idea, we created a clothing line made for the woman who leads a meaningful and fulfilling life."

Ode to Sunday use Lithuanian linen in their garments.
Uma tee in white, image via Instagram
Using Lithuanian linen, Ode's garments are all handmade by tailors paid a fair wage. Their aim is to help us build an "investment wardrobe."

Part clothing line, part interview series, Ode gives a snapshot into what Sunday means for people living all over the world.

"We didn't want this to be just about clothing, we were interested in bringing together a community with similar tastes and inspiring others to make their lives more fulfilling," Vaida explains.

"It is also revealing to see how weekends are spent all over the world; the similarities and differences between them."

I love the idea of a brand that's purpose is to encourage us to slow down. In a hectic world, filled with fast fashion, the next best thing, and a 24-7 connection, it's definitely something I'm trying to be more conscious of.  

Ode to Sunday Iris kimono in cream
Letting this fast-faced world get away from you is something Ode co-owner Vaida experienced first-hand, too.

"I'm trying to devote more time to myself and family. I noticed that we drifted apart by this fast way of life, but now everything is much better," Vaida says.

"We're also trying not to work on weekends, to have some time off. We try to distribute tasks during weekdays and want the seamstress to have her weekend as well. I think that people do their best work when they're happy and well rested."

Making their garments responsibly is something Ode would never have compromised on, Vaida says.

"We mostly worked for ourselves and always wanted others to judge us rightly and pay honestly. So when you start working with others, you're immediately responsible for these people and want them to have great conditions. This understanding and need came naturally."

I'm so happy to see the concept of comfortable fashion taking hold through labels like Ode. There's nothing more important that being comfortable and confident each day, and our wardrobe plays a big role in this. Another positive 'shift' to add to the growing list!

You can read some of the odes to Sunday on the Ode website, penned by people from all over the world.

Instagram: @odetosunday

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