Why backpacks are cool.

Matt & Nat Peltola backpack in artichoke
When I was in school I resented having to use a backpack.

They were just so... not cool. I'd almost always do the one-shoulder-strut thing and pretend my muscles weren't straining one-sided under the weight of my text books.

Anku backpack in black by socially conscious brand KON-DOR.
They incorporate traditional Ecuadorian crafts in their designs.

But these days it's a different story.

The backpack has definitely made a stylish comeback, and since I decided to get a black one for an overseas trip, it's become my old faithful.

Backpacks can be a sustainable fashion choice - particularly if you choose one of the conscious brands I've curated for this post. But the main benefit for me is the awesome concept of VERSATILITY.

Matt & Nat vegan Mumbai backpack with 100% recycled nylon lining

I've touched on versatility in our shopping choices a few times, including in my last post featuring new bag brand Festival Bag Co. (I've got a bit of a theme going here don't I!).

Versatility is the conscious consumer's best friend, as everything you own will eventually have more than one use.

Matt & Nat Aries in cerise
Well that's my aim anyway! If you invest in a well-made, durable and good-looking backpack, you can:

  • Use it as a handbag by day
  • Chuck your gym things in it
  • Walk home comfortably 
  • Take it travelling with you 
  • Go hiking
  • Cycling
  • Picnicking
  • Carry your kids' things in it
  • Carry your partner's things in it... 
  • You get the idea!

There are quite a few brands making thoughtful, good-looking backpacks - just find the right one for you!

A backpack made from pineapple leaves! Smith Matthias have used new
sustainable fibre Piñatex™ to create their backpack

Inside a Piñatex™ Back Pack by Smith Matthias


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