The secret’s out: cocoa powder!

Here’s a little something I just had to share.

I’ve been using cocoa powder as a blush and bronzer for a few months now, and it's great! No more store-bought for me.

It looks natural, there’s no annoying shimmery bits and it makes me smell a bit like a bakery – win!

I just use the powder as it comes, and brush it on with my retractable kabuki brush. I’ve found it lasts pretty much as long as the pressed stuff on my cheeks. 

Cocoa powder: sweet, cheap and package-free!

And the beauty is you can buy it package-free from any bulk food store. 

I’m still using up the cocoa powder I had in the pantry, but I plan to take a little jar to refill when I’m running low. You can also try cacao powder for a less chocolate-y experience!

My favourite local bulk food store, The Source.

I store mine in the compact my old bronzer came in, so it’s travel-friendly too.

I’d love to hear if it works for you! Have you tried any DIY beauty tricks that really work?

-  Ash

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