Fashion in the share economy: The best reasons to share your wardrobe

How would you like to tap into the best of other people's wardrobes, no matter where in the world you go?

What about making money from some of the items on less-than-high-rotation in your own wardrobe?

The team behind Australia's largest sustainable fashion runway events Undress Runways thought it was about time fashion truly joined the share economy.

So Lána Global was born.

My vintage pleated skirt will be listed on the Lana Global
fashion sharing platform. Woot!

I'm so excited to be part of the launch on April 20 - initially in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia - which allows peer-to-peer sharing of our wardrobes to encourage us to slow fashion down.

You can jump on board too - anyone can borrow clothes, and if you want to list your wardrobe items just register and upload.

Why spend a lot of money on a new piece when there are so many awesome wardrobes out there just waiting to be shared!

There are so many benefits to sharing our wardrobes.

We're slowing fashion down 

Find something different when you tap into other wardrobes.
Image: Kerri Moore with Kirsten for Lána Global
Most of us only use something like 20 percent of our wardrobes. I like to think I use more than that, but really, I have clear favourites on high rotation!

By sharing good quality, timeless pieces we already own we will start to slow the fast fashion industry, while still getting that 'new clothing' fix.

We get variety

Sometimes it's just nice to wear something different.

Though we only use 20 percent of our wardrobes, that doesn't stop us thinking we have nothing to wear and hankering for something new.

By borrowing we get that variety without investing in new pieces - plus you can tap into other people's unique finds! Think vintage gems, made-to-order, limited runs, designer pieces...

Gold pleats from day to night - my Gorman gem coming
soon to Lána GlobalImage Kerri Moore

We use less resources

Fashion is resource intensive. From crops and water, to pesticides, dyes, chemicals, metals, fuel and logistics, there aren't many industries that fashion doesn't touch. So often garments travel to more countries than many people have visited before they even reach the store hanger.

We're doing the planet a thank (doggo reference!) by sharing what already exists, rather than letting it languish in our wardrobes - or worse, ending up in landfill.

Borrow from other wardrobes for a night out.
Image via Lána Global

We take care of our wallets

Borrowing is so much cheaper than investing in new clothing. And you have the option to rent out pieces from your own closet - cha-ching!

We're people too!

Just like Airbnb, you can decide how much interaction you and your borrowing partner want.

You may end up bonding over coffee if you meet up for the hand-over, or you might just snag some locals-only travel tips while you're visiting their town.

I'm renting out my wardrobe - you can too!
Image: Kerri Moore for Lána Global

We pack lighter. Hopefully.

I try to pack as light as I can when I travel - but let's be honest, it doesn't always work.

I see huge potential for travel with the fashion sharing platform: going to London for a week but don't own a woolen coat? Got so many weddings in your social calendar that your own wardrobe just can't keep up?

There will be plenty for the guys too: think business suits and ties to casual weekend jeans.

The guys won't miss out! Image via Lána Global

Accessories are also on the agenda as the app and website grow - this part really excites me!

No matter where you are in the world, jump in and get sharing!

-  Ash


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